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About Process Healthcare

We design, implement and manage effective processes that facilitate positive outcomes for individuals and organisations targeting improved work-safety, security, health and well-being.

Process Healthcare Solutions supports the health benefits of good work, by providing health services through the employment cycle. Process Healthcare delivers initial risk assessment through pre-employment medicals, rehabilitation and management for work place injuries and programs to reduce absenteeism and presenteeism. Process Healthcare strives to provide positive outcomes for individuals and organisations by targeting improved health and wellbeing, work- safety and security.

We have a dedicated Darwin-based, Australian, UK and Canadian-trained and accredited team comprising of Occupational Physicians, occupational and remote General Practitioners, tele-paramedics, occupational site nurses, specialist physiotherapists and exercise physiologists, other allied health staff and a suite of specialist medical and surgical doctors.

Process Healthcare is investing in Occupational Health specialist software that utilises secure cloud-based Australian-based servers allows remote real-time monitoring of medical process from booking to completion, with multi-user secure client logins and the ability to set customised user access rights.

We focus on the health of workers, including the management and risk assessment of non- work-related conditions that impact on work and safety, the delivery of health programs for specific physical, chemical, biological and psychosocial hazards in the workplace.

We can deliver health promotion programs that support employee health and well-being in the workplace. Process health care is also able to deliver programs that target reductions in workplace injury. Early Intervention programs and effective injury management with structured return to work plans facilitate employee recovery and return to work.

Our local medical staff combine their population-based public health skills with intimate knowledge of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention and care used in a wide variety of Northern Territory settings.